You might have heard the term “marketing plan” thrown around a little bit more than usual lately, but what does it really mean? How can you be sure what a marketing plan is (or its benefits for your cryptocurrency business), and what’s the difference between one and all those ideas you wrote down that time in your planner?

At its core, a marketing plan is a key document to prepare your business for proactivity in the market in which it operates. As every market is unique, with different audiences, regulations and consumer needs, a marketing plan serves as a pillar document to help with direction, decision-making, budget placement, and operations management.

Basically, what are your available resources, where are they found, where do your customers reside, how do you reach them and how much should you spend to acquire their loyalty?

A cryptocurrency marketing plan is a glue that holds all of your marketing activities together. Most of these ‘activities’ are a series of highly individual, non-related outputs that communicate different messages, in different places, to a range of leads in your ideal customer bracket. Often, they have no correlation because they don’t depend on one another to work.

For example, writing engaging social media posts is very different to running a series of HTML5 banner ads that appear on crypto news websites, because they are run on two different mediums, with different words, to different audience members. Without a plan, you are often in a reactive mode, where you are simply responding to changes and to competition, versus being proactive, certain and informed about what you are doing and why.

Think about it like this:

Without a marketing plan, marketing efforts can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

If you had to find the needle in the haystack — without any kind of intel or planning, you’d be looking for a long time, just waiting for the results to come to you. You’d be hoping that you’d find that needle, but your actions alone, without any strategy or thought behind them, would take time and resource that you could be being smarter about.

Now, times that haystack by ten. There are ten haystacks, and ten needles within each. You may have dedicated a single person (your Marketing Manager) to look under each haystack, but it’s going to take ten times as long because they have no plan or direction.

But what if you had a plan around finding that needle? What if you had utilised market insights about the haystacks, customer data, and the support of marketing experts to narrow down a portion of the haystack you were guaranteed to find that needle in? And what if you could test as you went, feeling for the hay that wasn’t spiky, and throwing it to the side so you didn’t have to repeat the searching through it again later? Very quickly, across all haystacks, you’d have a guaranteed chance of finding those needles — and being successful in your efforts.

That’s what a marketing plan can provide.

A marketing plan is essential in today’s competitive crypto-marketing climate.

In non-farm-speak, marketing plans boost your overall efforts, align them and of course, streamline them. Here at Cointraffic, we see many clients utilising our services individually — one-day banner ads, maybe a few weeks later a press release. But it’s sporadic and sometimes aimless, and we know how powerful those efforts can be if they’re backed by a more strategic vision.

At Cointraffic, we help our clients make as much noise as possible with guidance on creating an omnichannel marketing campaign, including display advertising, press releases, native advertising to cover all stages of the sales funnel, so that their output is compounded and therefore more powerful.

As an example, we might start with curating a press release, then we would complement the release with display ads to help that press release to become syndicated. That might then turn into a native ad, which afterward can be shared across social media.

A full suite of marketing tools, previously unrelated, would all suddenly come together. And it all starts with a marketing plan. If you’d like to be better prepared in 2019 for your business to reach new heights, have a chat with us about how a full-stack marketing plan can better get your crypto message out there, shared and loved in a new age of crypto success.

What bright crypto ideas do you have that the Cointraffic team can help pull together for you?

So, takeaways:

  • You’ve got to plan, otherwise, you plan to fail.

  • Your plan should include market insights, customer data, and be guided by the help of marketing experts.

  • A great marketing plan is bespoke but ideally should contain a mix of PR, digital and social.

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