Yes, our professional copywriter will prepare the first draft within 1 business day. After confirmation of the copy and websites’ list, we are ready to begin the distribution process.

In order for us to create highly engaging content for your Press Release, please provide us with the following information:

  1. Purpose. Why is the Press Release wanted? 

  2. Target Audience. Who do you most want to reach? 

  3. Benefits. Why is this important to your target audience? 

  4. Response. What sort of feedback are you seeking from a Press Release? To increase general awareness? To change attitudes? To inform?

  5. Content. Supply the information you wish to be communicated. In some cases, you may have draft text; in others you may only have the seed of an idea – so describe what it is you want to say. Indicate key phrases/terms relevant to the product/project. Provide information on keywords for search engines. In case you have any quotes from CEO or the product/project lead, please send them to us as well.

  6. Media Contact. Provide the details of the contact person to be mentioned at the end of the PR, or the company’s contact details.

Please be informed that only one-round of changes is included in the offer for Press Release copy creation.

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