Low daily pacing may be caused by various factors: you might be targeting limited Geos with lower daily traffic or your CPM bid does not allow you to win bids in the required Geos. As another option, you might not be using all banner sizes available for that format (for instance, with In-Page Desktop campaigns you can choose from 6 different banner sizes).

In order to improve this, you should consider enabling additional ad formats for existing Geos, adding more banner sizes (in case you are not using all available ones), or adding more countries in the Targeting tab. 

If you have concerns, please check first with your account manager to determine if there is sufficient traffic available for certain Geos before starting your marketing activities. In the case that there is enough traffic from the required Geo, but you are still getting a very small number of impressions, please consider increasing the CPM bid for your active campaign/s. 

Please note that you can always get in touch with your dedicated account manager in order to get more information on your current campaign's performance and find ways to increase their daily pacing.

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